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Chiropractic Examination

Below are the steps Dr. Hammer will review to determine if your problem can best be treated by chiropractic techniques.

Step 1: Health History

Your health history is an important tool to Dr. Hammer in evaluation of your symptoms, lifestyle, your family's health history and any previous injuries and treatments.

Step 2: Physical Exam

A physical examination can determine your physical condition and overall health. Physical, orthopedic and neurological tests can help reveal the condition of your spine and areas of musculoskeletal tenderness, muscle spasm, joint mobility and range of motion of the back and other joints.

Step 3: In some cases - X-Rays

As "blueprints" of your spine, x-rays show specific problems including subluxation, fractures and arthritis. They also rule out tumors and other conditions.

Step 4: Diagnosis

Based on the findings and your condition, Dr. Hammer can individualize a treatment plan for you and answer any questions you may have.

In addition,
To help avoid future occurrences, Dr. Hammer usually includes advice on how to take care of yourself and simple strengthening and stretching exercises to increase your activities of daily life. A program of stretching and strengthening exercises also gives your area of injury the flexibility and support it needs to survive a lifetime of stress and strain. By following their doctor's advice, millions of chiropractic patients have enjoyed relief and better health.


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